Norwegian people are very accustomed to take responsibility, they put their thrust into other people and institutions, and they are also more concerned with long-term results compared to strict and specific tasks at work.
Most Norwegian leaders prefer to be looked upon as a friend rather than a dictatorial leader. They are also not very used to give detailed working plans, and they would rather see their employees find the best solution. This can be very confusing and difficult for foreigners coming to Norway to work from other countries. Many foreigners are used to being told exactly what to do at work.
A lot of industries and companies want to highlight and make people aware of cultural differences. They want specific and concrete tools to achieve better understanding, communication, cooperation and HSE (health, security, environment) immediately and in the long run.


Interactive, media, VR, AR, digital.

Some real life examples

“I sometimes makes mistakes when I don’t understand. I don’t know why I don’t ask again. I don’t know people working here and I think I should understand.” (foreign worker)
“Sometimes Norwegian people think they are world champions in everything” (foreign worker)
“The chariman told me that my job was to make profiles. If he wants me to do something else he should tell me. Otherwise I will just continue with the profiles”. (foreign worker)
“We foreigners often stick together, and I don’t feel like it’s very easy to get accepted in the Norwegian environment at my job”.


How can you as a leader in a big company, with workers from different countries and with different cultural background, get your newly appointed workers to understand the working culture? How can you integrate them in an easy, funny and non-offensive way and at the same time exploit their cultural background?